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Creative Video Content Animation For Business Logo Needed
Edit Brief
We are looking for 2D video content company to create our logo 2D animation video for use on our website and also an intro and outro to promotional videos we want to create. We want this Creative Video Content Animation to be a 2D animation of the elephant and musical notes appearing in the logo, as well as having the words in the logo appear in stages. We don’t want one of the canned ‘fireworks’ type 2D animations where we see a flash and then the logo appears from behind. Kindly send us your Content Production Company’s portfolio. We will contact you if our requirements align.
Whiteboard Animation Needed For Branded Video Content Of Sparkol
Edit Brief
We are searching for video content company that can do whiteboard animations of branded video content, Sparkle. We will provide script and voiceover for about 1,200 words which are around 6-8 minutes animated video. This is an ongoing project and we could be potential partners for a longer period. The purpose of these video content production is to give bite-sized pieces of information such as our company overview, services, product demo and brand advertising, ultimately to attract and capture new leads.
Need 2D Video Content Company With Best Quality Animation
Edit Brief
We are looking 2D video content company to create our 2D video content animation. The script is ready and storyboard is 70% ready. The only animation is required according to the concept. It will be 35-40 sec animation. The purpose of these explainer animated video content is to give bite-sized pieces of information such as our company overview, services, product demo and brand Professional Video Content Production, ultimately to attract and capture new leads.
Require A Custom Video Content Animation That Tells a Strong Story
Edit Brief
We are looking for a video content company to creating relevant, highly creative video content that tells a strong story. The video content company will work on a wide-range of video/motion graphic projects including, but not limited to, long-form narrative videos, large event openers, custom reference videos, walkthroughs, demos and live-action narrative/animation pieces. The full-service video content production company will be responsible to create an attractive custom video content animation.
Looking For An Innovative Web Video Content Urgently
Edit Brief
The Independent Journal Review (IJR) is looking for a video content company that has the knowledge and passion for creating informative digital video content to a large and engaged independent-minded audience. This Video Content Production Company will assist in the development of a cohesive digital voice for IJR’s social properties, along with ensuring consistent, high-quality execution.
Need Web Video Content For Our Website And Mobile Apps
Edit Brief
Looking for an organized web online video content provider to build a new Creative Video Content Animation and projects website and mobile apps, including but not limited to the homepage, lookbooks, online catalogues, boutiques, promotions, and all other content pages. We are having a great opportunity for an Content Production Company that has web/mobile production experience and can consistently meet deadlines and goals.
Video Content Animation For New Computation Platform Needed
Edit Brief
We need video content company to building a brand video for new computation platform for amazon video animation, and we are looking for a video content company to help establish the charter and quickly deliver in this visible space. If company care deeply about developing there people, are comfortable leading their teams through hard technical problems, can set the clear direction, even with significant ambiguity, and have a consistent track record of balancing short-term urgency against delivering a long-term strategic roadmap.
Require Animated Video Content About “VPN And Internet Security”
Edit Brief
We need a video content production company that can make an explainer video content about “VPN and internet security, network, proxy, etc…”. – we need 2 unique article/video content animations. – each article must up to 450 words (our desire is 400) – budget: decide to further communication – all must be unique and passed plagiarism checker.
Eye Catching Video Content Production For Our Website Required
Edit Brief
We are running a digital marketing agency that sells website design and SEO to businesses in Australia. We are looking for a digital video content company that can understand and apply “building a storied brand” by Donald Miller and “start with why” by Simon Sinek to the digital video content on our website. We would like to start with the mission statement. This will be ongoing work for the right Eye Catching Video Content Production. Looking for an Content Production Company that can provide Professional Video Content Production.
Video Content Animation With French Voice Over Needed
Edit Brief
We’re a company that runs one of the largest quiz & article sites online, we need Content Production Company that good at producing an animated video content with French voiceover quizzes. If your online video content company is good with French culture and know a lot about trending news and hottest slangs, that’s better.
NASE Needs Creative Video Content Animation For Business Growth
Edit Brief
We just need a business video content company. The animated video content video will show that NASE is a support system for their members, offering them resources and a start-up kit. Show NASE as a national leader, helping make legislative change for small business owners. Finally, that NASE is growth and success by highlighting their member benefits that ultimately help businesses grow and be successful. We want to create video content production with all above services which are described.
A Series Of Short Digital Video Content Needed Urgently
Edit Brief
We supply schools and businesses with digital visitor management systems and we are looking for a video content production company that would like to produce a short series of videos explaining how certain parts of our system work. We will like to use our mascot, Koko, who will be talking to a real person in each of the digital video content. He will be guiding them through parts of the system in the background. There are 5 videos in total and which should not go over 1 minute.
We Want Video Content Company For A Conveyancing Business
Edit Brief
We need video content production company that can create a 2D animated video on a few different subjects around conveyancing in Melbourne, but it needs to be well researched and include creative video content animations in creating 2D animations. Details will be shared with your content production company when once you decided to work with us. Kindly contact your 2D video content company’s portfolio.
Branded Video Content Needed For Hair And Beauty Retailer
Edit Brief
We are looking for a quick, reliable Content Production Company to produce 28 new branded video content for an online hair and beauty product retailer. We need character animation to promote our business on our website. Demonstrate a new skin care line through animated video content. We need an affordable Content Production Company that can design and animate an engaging product branding video. The Content Production Company should not be more than 2 minutes. The customer should know basic and is able to explain the steps in skincare. Details for this project are as below. QUANTITY: 28 brand animated videos LENGTH: 1 to 2 minutes
Content Production Company Needed That Create Sports Video
Edit Brief
Currently looking for a video content production company that create our sports video articles in AP style, particularly for the NBA. We need an English voice over and high quality rang video. You should also be very passionate about the NBA.
Creative 2D/3D Creative Video Content Animation For Children In Arabic
Edit Brief
We are in need of a video content company to make online video content for us the following as soon as possible with animated characters similar to which has been attached but 2D/3D: 1) An animated Arabic alphabet video to go according to an Arabic alphabet audio song which we have ready. 2) Same video after completing as above but with a change of the audio language to English translation of the Arabic alphabet. 3) A Creative Video Content Animation trailer for a Qur’an learning centre. (30 Seconds) Kindly sent us over your best quotes as well as samples which your content production company have done previously.
Professional Video Content Production To Market Our Service
Edit Brief
We Are Looking for a Professional Content Company 30 Second Long Teaser to Market Our Service. – The Idea Is: We Are a Restaurant That Can Pick up Customers from Their House to Our Restaurant So We Want to Show That the Customer Is Calling the Restaurant and We Send a Chauffeur to Pick them up and Deliver them to the Restaurant. We Are Looking for Best Professional Content Company That Can Create a Short Motion Graphic Video of Around 30 Second. the Professional Video Content Production Will Be Used on Our Website and for Advertising Purpose.
Need Video Content Production Company To Project Our Project
Edit Brief
We need video content company to produce our project is to make a animated video content. But the style of it has to different and creative. We need artistic drawing abilities and technical knowledge. Listening to the feedback given by our customer and implement the suggestion into a project. The custom video content animation will be done with creative and high quality.
Eye Catching Video Content Production For Our Business
Edit Brief
Need Content Production Company that the expertise to develop animated online video content. Brainstorming and Video Content Production for our business process. These Eye Catching Video Content Production will also be used for various online marketing campaigns and social media platforms such as youtube, facebook & Instagram. When Content Production Company will finalize to work with us we will allow you to take notes in meetings and research proposals.
Need Typography And 2D Video Content Animation
Edit Brief
We are looking 2D video content company to create some typography video content for online marketing campaigns and we require some short Eye Catching Video Content Productions to be created. Some as typography and some as 2D video content animation. The online video content will be very short, about 20 to 30 seconds and meant for short messages like ” super sale now on, call us today”. We will provide the voice over for each online video content. More information share after finalizing to work with us.
2D Explainer Animated Video Content For Different Projects Required
Edit Brief
Industry: Entertainment Design details: we have a business and regularly need a good content production company to produce our different projects. We are looking for hiring a video content company has specialized in creating explainer videos with storyboard and voice over. The company focuses on providing countless animated video content production company for e.G. Explainer videos, whiteboard animation, paper cut animation, 2D/3D video content animation, kinetic typography and motion graphics videos.
Content Production Company Needed To Create A 2D Animation For Advert
Edit Brief
We would like to eventually have a series of video content production but starting with just one that 2D video content company produce for us, we want it primarily for advertising a product on Facebook. We need a couple of characters designed for use in the animation that can also be used as a company mascot, we are aiming for the video content production may be about 1 min in length, something catchy and funny is key. They will, in essence, describe the problem at hand and explain how our product can solve the problem in a humorous way.
Content Production Company To Create Animated Videos
Edit Brief
Need video content production company that creates expressive animated video content that portrays a wide range of emotions Deliver content on schedule that meets technical requirements Use art tools to implement animated characters and objects Make sure all work is clean and organized with regards to assets within each file as well as file structure and storage. If any video content company gives video content production service to produce our video kindly contact us. We will provide you more details about further work.
Creative Video Content Animation For Companies Around London
Edit Brief
We have looked for a content production company and look a good fit for what we are looking for. We need video content company around London. We need a long-term relationship with a design a video content production. We need video content production company that can do 2D, whiteboard & typography animation. We are looking for a promotional video for our first video. We will share attached require document when you decided to work with us. We are looking forward to your content production company’s reply.
Content Production Company For Creating a Series of E-learning
Edit Brief
We just need video content production company. We are creating a series of e-learning keyword. The video content animations we want to create are projected on to a laptop screen and we create camera paths to show the relevant portions of the screen. However, we want to create this but make it much more animated and visually appealing.
Video Content Production Of Our Pre Recorded Voice Over
Edit Brief
Hire a video content production company that produces an animated infographic, animated explainer, graphical demonstration of a presentation. We wish to have a colourfully animated embodiment of our video content animation which will be the vision of our brand. The 15-minute video content animation video will be an accompaniment to our pre-recorded voice over.
Content Production Company Needed For Marketing Video
Edit Brief
We need a marketing online video content / possibly animation to put on our website / social media marketing sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube etc. The Video Content Production would need to be a max of 2 min and is based on us showing our online products/paper products to science teachers. We are a former science teacher and we need a platform to talk teacher to teacher and show the flexibility of the products. Can you get in touch to discuss options and budget of Video Content Production?
2D Animation/Motion Graphics Required For Web Video Content
Edit Brief
We are looking to produce a 2D animation explainer for our client. The web video content will be 4 minutes long with a lot of elements being the web pages of our client’s web-based system. The 2D video content company, kindly note the main bulk of the video will be the web pages as per example with some smooth camera movements/transitions, it’s only a few parts here and there with the sleek stylish animations as to give it a sense of uniqueness and engagement.
Create Whiteboard, 2D And Typography Creative Video Content Animation
Edit Brief
We are looking for a long-term relationship with 2D video content company that can create whiteboard, 2D & typography video animation. The Creative Video Content Animation that we are aiming at creating a promotional video that will last around 60 – 90 seconds. The web video content should effectively communicate and promote all the benefits and advantages of our services and increase sales.
Looking For Web Video Content For Website Promo
Edit Brief
We are looking for a video content production company for a website covering a wide range of topics. Here are some requirements. 1. We can offer higher rate if you approve your value. Most of the projects would be pure web video content. 2. Must be able to create web video content on a wide range of topic, since we are running websites of different topics. 3. Must write articles in a very friendly tone. 4. Must be able to create shareable web video content.
Content Production Company To Promote Real Estate Service
Edit Brief
We are a real estate company and looking for a long-term relationship with a content production company that create animated videos for us. We need to promote our service. We need whiteboard animation video content animation video with voice over. If the video content company is interested then give a call and we will have the budget discussed after it.
Looking For Video Content For Our Blog Articles
Edit Brief
We are looking for video content company that to write and produce a video for us of few starting articles! These video content animation must all be different topics from one another. It is a blog so if that is something you have experience with that’s a plus! We are looking for a low budget option. We want the creative video content animation to be around 1 minute each. If you use sources kindly cite them! If all goes well we would love to hire your content production company again!
Need Session For Professional Video Content Production
Edit Brief
We would like a professional content company to create a session video, light the scene similar to the photorealistic sample that we will share with your content production company in further communication. As your professional content company can see the screen reflects the aluminium body and the table surface creating a very professional look that we simply cannot achieve in element 3D with our knowledge.
We Need Video Content Company For A Product Marketing Video
Edit Brief
We need a video content production company for a product marketing, we need to show in it the products and the advantages of it and how it works. We need more than one Eye Catching Video Content Production, each video we need it for a different meaning of the same product and about to 1-minute duration. – keeps water hot for kids so we can use it anytime later. -using it at work. -using it for morning coffee. -to stay hydrated. -for travelling. -eco-friendly and reduce using plastic bottles. We just need video content production for each example we mentioned above. If any content production company is interested kindly contact us
Animated Explanatory Video Content Production Needed Urgently
Edit Brief
We, Arabian Excellence UK Ltd, are looking for a content production company that creates video content animation with a duration of 90 sec. Conditions and foundation elements needed: 1- our company will have the full copyrights for the entire video and its compositions. 2- the video content production will be delivered in animated format. 3- the voiceover and background music will be included in the proposal and delivered in American or British accent, without preference for the gender. 4- the video content company will be set up based on the latest animation technology whiteboard in colour, and our logo will be displayed on all pages as the video progress.
Need 3D Video Content Animation Series Of Good Quality
Edit Brief
We are looking for a long-term relationship with a professional content company that produces some funny animated videos of good quality and a series of them. We want to use a character the same and have a theme that’s linked to the series. It’s got to be engaging, funny and get people to like us more. We are a lettings/property management co and our aim is to get on landlords and developers. Our big thing is rent guaranteed on time. We aim at solving rent arrears and late payments for landlords. We manage the properties and ensure everything is done professionally. We want people to call us and remember our funny professional video content productions.
Require 3D Video Content Animation In Two Versions
Edit Brief
We are in need of video content production company that would like to make a small 3D video content animation about 3-4 minutes in two versions. One with voice and one with the same wording in subtitles to promote some phrases. We would like to keep it as simple as possible. The budget will be based on your content production company’s sample video quality.
Green Screen Explainer 3D Video Content Animation Needed
Edit Brief
Information for the business: we are suppliers of consumable products to engineers Design details: we are looking to get a video content animation made with character animation and typography. We are looking for a long-term relationship with video content production company that able to provide a green screen explainer video of the person, but require the animation to go with it, and it all to be put together.
Need Video Content Animation With Animated People Like Cartoons
Edit Brief
Hello, We would like content production to be done about a product that our company has put in place, and this video content production will allow our colleagues to understand how it works. We would like a video with animated people like cartoons. Video contents: first a person has to explain the product and some important points, then the video will focus on the procedure to follow and then a conclusion. The proper information we will share with ur after our next final communication.
Need 3D Video Content Animation For Our Gaming Channel
Edit Brief
Hi there, we are a twitch streamer looking for a 15-20 second intro video content production for our gaming channel. We were thinking of having video content company that creates 2D animated character representing a person, jumping out of bed, hopping into a shower, running to the kitchen to grab a bottle of liquor, finally jumping into our computer chair. There are minor details to go over buyout we have never looked into hiring a video content company and so this is all new to us.
Product Video Content Company Required For Youtube Marketing
Edit Brief
We are looking for a video content production company that has specialist over 100 hours creating product videos. We need different types of custom video content animation for marketing our products. We need to post these video content production on youtube for marketing. We want to see work history, we want to see previous product videos you have created. Kindly share overview of your work with us for. The payment depends on previous work quality.
To Make Multiple Video Content Production For Our Ecom Business
Edit Brief
Our website and our business model is to test advertising as many products as possible. We need video content company that could create high-quality content production using clips available on the internet, mixed with images, mixed with text and animation. We need at least 1 minute animated video content production.
We Need Explainer And Product Overview Video Content Production
Edit Brief
We are launching a free cloud-based EHR product and are looking for 2 videos that are created by your video content production company, target audience is healthcare providers mostly in developing countries 1. A short explainer video content production highlighting the fact that it is a free EHR, easy to set up (create your new healthcare account, verify your email, upload your services and prices, and get started all in 5 minutes or less) 2. A longer product overview video. We will share login and product information for video content company.
Video Content Production Company Needed For Music Video
Edit Brief
Here’s the deal: we need an expert-level animation/graphic design video content company that can make the eyes and lips of a still photograph move along with the lyrics of a song. For a funny music with eye-catching video content production. The face in the photograph appears ten times in the video content production. Some repetition in the lyrics will allow copying and pasting. This video content production is political satire.
Web Video Content Needed For Our Channel Marketing
Edit Brief
We are a cloud security company seeking an experienced motion graphics professional content company to produce us a new, original Web Video Content for our social media channels. We would ideally like a professional content company that would be dedicated to a long-term relationship with our company as the go-to resource for professional video content production from concept to creation; spending on avg. 5-10 Minutes. We have a number of projects that will be highly dependent on this pipeline.
Cartoon Video Content Production Needed For A Big Project
Edit Brief
We have one card called navigators. On the card, there are different measurements. For each of them, we need to have cartoon video content production to explain how it needs to be used. Video content production needs to be very simple and short max up to 1 minute. If any video content production company is interested to work on this project then kindly contact us with your content production company’s portfolio.
Video Content Production Needed For Users And Our Promotion
Edit Brief
We are looking for a web Video Content Production that is building a video promo ads. It is targeted towards casual non-professional users. To simplify the development process and shorten development time, it will be fully animation-based. Customization will include editing texts, images, icons, adding custom videos. We need voice over too. Professional Video Content Production should contain a promotion of our business, more information regarding the project will be sent after screening.
Creative Video Content Animation Required For Our App
Edit Brief
We are bending spoons, a leading mobile development company based in Milan, with millions of users active every month. We want to advertise one of our apps on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and hence we are now looking for video content creators to help us create captivating creatives. We would like the concepts of security, privacy, speed and unblock to be explored in the creatives. Having said this, new ideas/concepts are welcome! We will provide you all our details but it depends on your best video content productions of the submitted portfolio.
Require Video Content Animation For Revolution Project
Edit Brief
We need an animated story that lasts up to 2 minutes, for presentational purposes of our new invention and concept. We need it in 3D or 2D animation. Our invention is green in nature and it will help us divert most recyclables from landfills directly to production. We need “green” animation and if the Video Content Animation would like to be part of our “revolution “ in reinventing waste management industry then only reply. We will be more than happy to discuss this in more detail once it is finalized.
Need Animated Video As Per Our Requirement, Voice Over To Be Provided
Edit Brief
We need a Video Content Production to do an animation. We have our storyboard and share with you after finalized to work with us. You may not follow exactly but needs to be close to the animations in the storyboard. The final output will be a video file, preferably in 1080p format. Need animated video with voiceover as well; the voiceover will be provided. You may propose your offer if you think the budget is not enough. Thanks!