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Video Creative Design Needed For Marketing Animation Video
Edit Brief
Looking for an experts creative video marketing service. We need to have an explainer video done that combines a character speaking along with some drawings and pictures and voice inserted explaining the story. We need 30-60 seconds marketing video animation. Let us know if you have any questions about this project, we are more than happy to answer you. Creative video marketing service should answer with their work portfolio.
Creative App Video Needed To Introduce Our App With Video
Edit Brief
Looking for a video marketing service to make an explainer introductory video for an app that’s going to be launched soon. We have created the storyboard and will provide all screen etc. A voiceover talent is already on standby for creative app video. The video marketing service must be able to integrate VO talent with explainer video seamlessly.
Video Creative Creation For Creating Patients Education Video
Edit Brief
Our hospital needs 2 computer animated explainer videos for the “patient education” section of the website. One video will describe a typical robotic operation. The second video will describe lung anatomy for patients and describe the planning stages of a lung cancer operation. Each explainer video should be only 2 or 3 minutes in length. We will write the script of the videos and narrate our self but need help with creative video marketing.
Looking For Video Creative Design To Create Product Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative video service to get a product video marketing for a new industrial turbine oil. This will entail animation of how the oil’s chemistry works. (Animated molecules interacting). This will be a 1-2 minute video. Would like to hear from the creative video marketing companies proposal and should provide a sample video then we can go further into video production. The video should effectively communicate and promote all the benefits and advantages of our services and increase sales.
Content Video Creative Creation For Our New Company
Edit Brief
We are launching our company in the next couple of weeks. We are wanting video marketing service for showcase our service and how is different from other companies. For this, we are looking for creative video marketing service to illustrate and explain our business. Our target audience will be contractors and working professionals. What we will give them is an easier way to advertise. It’s our goal to eliminate all the hassles of choosing what advertising works and what doesn’t.
Creative Marketing Video Animation For Our Grocery Business
Edit Brief
Looking Creative Marketing Video Animation maker to create an explainer video for our high-end grocery and wellness buying club. We like to examine your previous examples and would like to hire an agency that helps us to produce an explainer video for our high-end grocery and wellness buyers club. We need 5 to 6 minutes eye caching promo marketing video.
Need Creative Marketing Video For Creating Our Law Firm Video
Edit Brief
We need a creative marketing video animation for a short video (about 3 minutes). This video is for a law firm. If the professional creative video service do well there are many more videos for that we will hire you to work on. There are moments throughout the video where the text will come up on the screen one word at a time. We need professional creative video service to create our typography video.
Looking For Content Video Creative Creation To Create Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a video creative maker that is willing to work really hard on a animation and design a tight deadline. If we like your work we have many projects coming up. This first project requires work similar to Prager University. If creative video marketing provider is familiar with the work, kindly reply back to us because it is having very less deadline. We need an affordable custom video production agency that can design and animate an engaging product branding video. The video content should not be more than 60 – 90 seconds. Thank you
Creative Marketing Video Needed For A Product Concept Video
Edit Brief
Required a creative video service for our client needs a 3D graphics teaser video for a product concept. It will be approx 1.5 Minutes long with accompanying voice-over content. The audience is potential licensees and/or investors so the video must be equal parts informational video and product promotional teaser. Creative Video Marketing has to explain the tech and tell the viewer why they should be interested in an engaging way.
Creative Video Marketing Needed For 3D Animation Product Video
Edit Brief
We are searching creative video marketing provider that create our 3D animated marketing product video. We are developing a 3D animated video to tell the story of our product technology of future vision. The video should contain everything about our company. Deliverables: 1. Storyline and script 2. Example stretches of each scene 3. sample video 4. Final production video
We Need Professional Creative Animation For Creating Video
Edit Brief
Looking for a creative video maker to create 1-minute commercial video animation. We want a 3D marketing video to use as an ad commercial for our academic institute. Contact us first and then respond if you can do it in very clean and professional manners. We will provide the general idea to creative video service for creating animation. It is about 1-minute explainer type video that exactly we need.
Video Creative Creation Needed For Advertisement Video
Edit Brief
Searching for creative marketing video maker to make product video advertisement for marketing our product. An incredibly simple, 50-second black and white video, -Super excited stick woman/man walking to their mailbox -Pulling out a cube with our logo on the side- excitedly -Opening it up/looking inbox -Look in and there’s a cloud/mist/fog covers screen -Shows floating black and white drawings of various products offered in our cubes (ex. Mason jar, stickers, books, lesson plans, hands-on activities) -With our company’s name either centered in the middle or on top of video -Possibly happy music, whistling, etc
Professional Creative Animation For Our Software Video
Edit Brief
We need a creative video marketing service for one of our software applications. We would like to showcase the user-friendliness of our software and it’s groundbreaking technologies in the animation of creative app video. Good animation, sound background, and resolution are a key must. The creative video marketing service that must have amazing creative instinct and kindly provide a portfolio of related work video marketing service have done before.
Professional Creative Video Service Needed For Medical Technology
Edit Brief
We are looking for a professional creative video service for our new product marketing & medical technology. Creative animated explainer video should explain the benefits of using our product, as well as how it works. The video must be clean, simple. If any professional creative video service is interested kindly follow us. The animation should preferably have a voiceover in English, include animated people as well as images of our device that needs to be explained. The script will be provided after finalizing the best creative animation service.
Looking For Creative Marketing Service To Create Animation Video
Edit Brief
We are developing an educational project for that we need creative video marketing service that can create creative video animation for related subject topics. To increase the interest in learning of students. Video duration depends on different scripts. We need total 12 animated explainer videos. These animated videos by creative video marketing service will also be used for various online marketing campaigns and social media platforms such as youtube, facebook & Instagram. Hope to see video marketing service soon.
Looking For Video Creative Creation By Animation Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a creative video marketing service to package an event opening ceremony video that is to be played on the first day of the event. Includes opening/closing logo animation logo will be provided in a format), lower thirds (design to be adapted from collaterals provided) video duration is around 1 minute. The creative video marketing service should not put content more than given duration.
Video Creative Creation For Our Affiliate Marketing Business
Edit Brief
We want video maker for our affiliate marketing business. We want to create an animated video, which allows people to understand the benefits of joining our affiliate marketing group. We need a video maker that is an expert in this area and can also build a script for the video if we give them as much information on the subject as possible. The video will explain how easy it is to make money as an affiliate marketer, showing them an example of an affiliate, what they do and how to make money from it.
Creative Video Marketing That Explains Our product
Edit Brief
We will send our script and voiceover when creative video marketing service will be drawing and animating a quick sales-video for us. A creative marketing video maker must send a reel/portfolio of their animated works if they want to be considered. The style we’re going for is elegant, simple, colorful and fun. No whiteboard or lyric-video styles. If any creative video marketing service is interested to do this job kindly contact us for further discussion.
Need Content Video Creative Creation To Make Animation Video
Edit Brief
We need a very creative video marketing service which can make our prospects get excited about putting their email into the capture page and proceeding through our funnel. This will be used on our youtube channel. Creative marketing service should put the videos about to 1 minute. We are looking for video marketing service that can create a short motion graphic video of around 1 minute. The video by creative video marketing service will be used on our website and for advertising purpose.
Video Creative Design Needed For Project Marketing Video
Edit Brief
Our project title is multi-level marketing. We need creative marketing video. Duration would be around 10 to 15 mins. We will prefer the content in female French voice. Kindly contact us for more details. Once creative video service is finalized to work with us we will share project documentation.
Needed Creative Animation Service To Create Animations Video
Edit Brief
We have many educational scripts that need infographic creative video animations. Each one is approx. 2 Minutes long.The work can be done with high-level motion graphics and custom creative animations etc. We don’t really care, as long as it looks amazing. We like the videos that have a mix of both vector animation/kinetic text/whiteboard. We are paying as per video quality. Thank you for your consideration.
We Require 3D Marketing Production To Shows Product’s Features
Edit Brief
Required a creative video maker that makes 3D marketing videos. -Sketches of the product are available. -Expect to receive a creative product marketing that shows the product’s features. -Want to see some previous animation work prior to the deal. -The budget for this work will negotiable. Would like to hear creative marketing services proposal and should provide a sample video then we can go further into video.
Need Creative Video Service For Introduction Trailer Video
Edit Brief
We wish to have an introduction trailer for our youtube channel by Video Creative Maker. A creative video service that can be done following task: The video must be 1-2 minutes long and is a basic video to our channel and how to get the maximum out of it. We wish to see a few samples of videos that Video Creative Design has made previously. The complete details will be given after you finalize.
Want Creative Social Media Video For Highest Quality Video
Edit Brief
We need video marketing service to produce videos for our youtube channel portfolio and create high-quality creative video design for each promo video. There are 70 videos in total to promote our channel. When you have done the design of each online creative animation video, creative video marketing service will need to create the background image and text. We have the background image and text ready for you. The payment for this task will be a quick and negotiable. It will be a very fast payment, as soon as creative video marketing service deliver the videos in deadline.
We Are In Need Of A Creative Video Service To Make Video
Edit Brief
Looking for creative marketing service. We are in need of a 10 sec advertising video. We have got the idea, we just want to know what it will take for it to come to life and how exactly will that happen. Here is the idea of a video: We would like to see the bottle from in shot and open, some pieces of fruit and ice are dropped into it with the lid and strainer put together at just about the same time. Then the liquid inside changes to tea, coffee, smoothie and a juice and after the juice is shown the bottle disperses into 5 bottles with the different liquids in a V shape. All of that is on a white background and after all of it is done there will be 1 line text by Video Creative Maker.
Need A 3D Marketing Production For Company Intro Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative marketing video service to create a 3D animation of a rabbit that closely resembles the rabbit run around the circle and then pause in the center. When the rabbit pauses in the center of the screen the turtle will run around would fade into the rabbit, and then the words of our company name would fade in to conclude the creative video animation intro. Creative animation service should add some cool music to the intro video.
Needed Creative Marketing Service To Create A Promo Video
Edit Brief
To create a sort of Creative Video Animation (between 15 and 30 seconds) for the logo of the brand by Video Creative Maker. The idea is to post on social media like facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram and blog, an animated video looped to do branding. This will be a test since whoever any Video Creative Maker does the work will have to make 9 videos of this style.
2D Creative Video Needed For Our Youtube Business Video
Edit Brief
We need to create thumbnails for our youtube business creative marketing video animation and promotion for our channel. We need good content in the video with eye-catching animation! This job requires skills in motion graphic creation and 2D creative video animation that fits our youtube videos! We need creative video marketing service can produce a video for us. We can see that the creative video marketing service has really wanna work for us, should provide the portfolio of their work and previous work videos. Contact for more information!
Looking For Video Creative Creation To Make Website Video
Edit Brief
We looking for creative marketing service that to make creative animated explainer videos for our website. We also need to create a professional creative animation that we will be using again and again. All the instructions will be provided when we finalize any creative animation service. We are looking forward to working with you.
Need A Creative Video Marketing Service For A Gaming App
Edit Brief
We are an upcoming gaming app company looking for creative video service to take the ideas we have on paper and make them come to life! The creative marketing video provider can do animations for the app video. This app is something that we have been using on a daily basis for about 5 years. The animations aren’t complex to do but they all need to be unique in some way from one another. The animations will consist of a flying, walking and a breathing/idle animation. The video will be about 2 to 3 minutes animated video.
Want Creative Video Marketing Service To Make Custom Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative marketing service that can take this series of 8 illustrations and be following the short scripts provided, and make the simple 3D character animations, voiceovers, and sound effects. The files must be provided in a format suitable for uploading to creative social media videos such as Facebook and youtube. A simple Custom Creative Animation style to suit the illustrations is required. Music could be added if viewed as adding to the production quality, but it’s not necessary for video.
Custom Creative Animation Of Online Business Platform Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative animation service to get a Custom Creative Animation video created for an education platform and training business that we manage online. We currently require a detailed Creative Marketing Video Animation video that goes for at least 1-2 minutes explaining a process of getting qualified/certified through an assessment called RPL. On another note, we have a range of courses and training options for our customers to consider in which we may require creative video service for future work.
Creative Marketing Service For Promote Our Website Video
Edit Brief
Creative marketing service that creates Creative Marketing Video Animation video buy/sell used cars website. We are building an vehicle marketplace online. Where people can post their cars for sale or they can look for a new/used car to buy. So we need to create a creative social media video marketing for Facebook and Instagram to promote our website. We need something simple and nice Video Creative Design.
Want Service To Make A Custom Creative Animation Video
Edit Brief
We want to make a creative social media video and require a lead in an introduction for each of the videos. For that, we are searching creative video marketing service to create our creative marketing video animation for marketing. Open to any ideas, kindly let us know your thoughts and what this will cost and we will go from there. We are looking for a high-end quality result. Would like to hear creative video marketing service proposal and should provide a sample video then we can go further into video production.
Content Video Creative Creation Needed For E-learning Site
Edit Brief
We have an ongoing need for short animated videos for an e-learning site. Need Creative Video Marketing studio that can help us to make 2 animated videos. The 1st type of video will likely be about 30-40 second video to be used as a Facebook ad. We can provide a narrative, some raw footage of creative video marketing speaking. So for both, we would provide as much direction as possible. Typically, we would be looking to start with a Video Creative Creation for narration or some raw footage.
Need A 2D Creative Video For Kitchen Filter Cleaning Company
Edit Brief
A creative video marketing service that is interested to work with us on following creative video content creation. We are looking to create a creative video animation for a commercial kitchen filter cleaning company. The aim is to create a simple creative animated explainer video that’s ideally under 1 minute. We will be sure to field any question and send over the documents after contact with creative marketing video service. Budget is flexible but ideally on the low end.
Needed A Services To Make Creative Video Animation
Edit Brief
We are creative video service for custom creative animation and 2D creative video work to complete our projects. Kindly share your work history and samples of your production of previous work. We need two 2D creative videos about 2 to 3 minutes duration. We need an affordable custom creative marketing service that can design and animate an engaging product Creative Video Animation. The Creative Video Animation should not be more than given duration.
Creative Marketing Video Animation For Our Action Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a creative video marketing service that can illustrate a 3D character animation creation. We are making an action film about a superhero, so we have one fully designed character – a robot. It doesn’t have a face, so you only need to make animation in various actions. If your company understands that what we want to produce exactly then contact us with your best sample videos. Thank you!
Video Creative Creation Needed For Goalcast Style Videos
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative video marketing that is: – Creative – Able to make design recommendations – Is able to turn around videos relatively quick (48hrs max, we would provide 10 images/videos + text) If creative marketing video service has created these types of videos, kindly share a link in your application. We will be getting started ASAP
Looking For 2D Creative Video To Have Animate Artwork
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative marketing video service that can animate our 2D creative video. Using our artwork, we want you to build a walk, run, idle, jump, and fall animations inside of an application called spine esoteric software. Kindly share any animations you’ve created using 2D. Out artwork will be shared with u when once creative video service decided to work with us
Need Creative Video Animation To Post YouTube Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative video marketing service that can make an intro creative brand animation for our youtube videos. Looking for something around 30 seconds that highlights our logo in a simple, elegant way. Our brand is not “Epic” so nothing flashy with fireworks and explosions or anything crazy like that. It’s dark, gritty, coastal. If creative video marketing service thinks this is something creative video animation can create with, kindly reach out to samples and your fixed-price to complete the job. Thank you!
Needed Custom Creative Animation That Can Attract Customers
Edit Brief
We need creative video service that can do creative video animation in whiteboard for videoscribe, Sparkol. We will provide script/voiceover for about 1,200 words which are around 6-8 minutes. This is an ongoing project and we could be potential partners for a longer period. We need an affordable custom Video Creative Maker that can design and animate an engaging Creative Video Marketing.
Want Custom Creative Animation For Business Marketing
Edit Brief
Basically, we want creative video service that is familiar with creating digital animation video marketing. We have a car dealership in the USA and need some custom creative animations we could push to a youtube video and then send our customer that marketing our business. The creative marketing service should not make a video more than given duration.
Searching For Creative Video Marketing Maker To Have Video
Edit Brief
We are searching for creative video service that can understand what exactly we need in the video design. We are on a tight budget but we are looking to start a youtube channel for our poetry and makeup creations. We want a capturing Creative Marketing Video Animation intro and creative social media video of our self like we have seen on many YouTubers channels so we need creative marketing service.
Creative Social Media Video Required For Our Website Video
Edit Brief
Required a creative marketing service that we would like to have a 60-90 second creative marketing video to be used on social media, our website and in the entryway at our office. The Video Creative Design will explain what we do. We’d like to have some sort of animation although we’re not set on any one thing in particular. The most important thing which creative marketing video should have is that the video clearly conveys what we do and that quality is great and high.
Creative Animated Explainer Video For Business Workflow
Edit Brief
A creative video service that is interested too in short explainer Creative Marketing Video Animation to teach people how the music business works. This creative marketing video is meant to be shared on social media (facebook, youtube, LinkedIn and should be no more than 2 minutes long). The Video Creative Design should contain key deliverable is an animation that visualizes the voice-over explainer which we will be provided to creative marketing service.
Video Creative Creation Company Needed For Professional Agency
Edit Brief
We are in need of content video creative creation. We will provide scripts and audio and a clear idea of the types of images we need and we can also edit the final images together. We are looking for a creative and professional agency to create the engaging animation that will show how our product functions and features. The purpose of these custom creative animation is to give bite-sized pieces of information such as our company overview, services, product demo and brand advertising, ultimately to attract and capture new leads.
Video Creative Design Using Cartoon Animation Character
Edit Brief
We are having a story for some cartoons. We are looking for Video Creative Maker that works to create animations for us. The caricature will be of action. It will be consistent work if we arrive according to a good price and we work well together. Our budget depends on the work to be done by you. It depends on the agreement that your creative video service will sign. The full-service video company will be responsible to create an attractive cartoon video.
Creative Video Service Needed To Make Animation Video
Edit Brief
What would creative animation service charge for a 2-3 min creative video animation in a cartoon for social media we will take care of voice over, and can send artwork to give an idea of what’s going on in scenes and help out any other way? If any creative marketing video service is ready to work with us and illustrate a 2D creative video which we want will contact us. When we finalize work together they will share all details with you.
We Need 3D Video Marketing Animation For Our Company
Edit Brief
We want a 3D video marketing animation for our product video. Our company creates baby stroller and diaper bag. We would like to make a commercial video which we will be used on some social media channels and on our web page. We want to create 5 animated 3D animation videos that will help us in marketing the product. The length of each video should not be more than 1 minute. Kindly let us know if any agency has questions about this project.