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Required Creative Social Media Digital Series For YouTube Video
Edit Brief
Require creative digital advertising studio that could help us to start an animation series on youtube, it would consist of a few short creative social media digital videos may be the duration of 2-3 minutes. We would also like to use a few of this creative digital animation videos for advertisements (1 minute) via social media because the storytelling and branding part is big-time with this one. We don’t know how much time such a production takes and how much it costs but we know how we could market it! How much would you charge for the project, how long would it take for creative digital advertising studio approximately to get one video done?
Needed Creative Brand Animation For Our Spicy Tequila Brand
Edit Brief
We are in need to advertise our spicy tequila brand digitally and want to create creative brand animation video of different cocktail shots where the cocktail seems to be “smoking”. We need a motion graphics expert to help bring this vision to life. We are looking for best creative advertising studio that can create a short motion graphic video of around 1 minute. The video by creative digital advertising studio will be used on our website and for advertising purpose.
A Short Creative Social Media Digital Ad For Our Brand Video
Edit Brief
Hi, we need creative digital advertising studio for a short animation/ad video that will show our original company introducing a sister company. Animation must have glitter. Our brand is glitter planet and we will be introducing ‘nail mate’ – it must show that the two are linked. The advertisement has done on our website and social media. We are also open to other ideas. We need an affordable creative digital advertising studio that can design and animate an engaging creative brand animation video. The video content should not be more than 60 – 90 seconds.
Digital Content Creative Creation Needed For Product Features
Edit Brief
We are ideally looking for a creative digital advertising studio that can create a 60-second 2D animated video to explain the product and its features. The video should produce our business functionality also. Quick turnarounds required. We need 1 video with voiceover, but for now, we want the creative digital advertising studio to create and show us an example of their work. The budget will be discussed later.
Need To Create A Digital Creative Design video For Intro Video
Edit Brief
Need to create an animated video intro clip for our company. Duration is 5-7 seconds with company logo and branding. Used as an introduction to the actual creative digital advertising video content is shown. Kindly provide some examples of this kind of work, so we can see if creative digital advertising studio can do the style we are after.
Looking For Creative Digital Animation Involving Nursery Rhymes
Edit Brief
We are looking for a creative digital advertising studio or team with lots of innovation in best Digital Content Creative Creation. This is a long-term project for over a year. We have total 50 songs to work on. For us, guaranteeing quality assurance and delivery date is very important. 3D advertising production involving nursery rhymes. Below are some more details of what we are looking for: We are looking to create videos with children’s nursery rhymes in 3D. We will share an example of current videos in the next communication that we like and would like creative digital advertising studio to produce content similar to that.
Custom Creative Animation To Produce Educational Videos
Edit Brief
We want to produce educational videos and for that, we are looking for a creative advertising digital studio. We can give you the story and the script, which we want to showcase to our customers and your task would be, to draw the story and overlay/advertise the voice of a perfect german speaker. We would be enjoyed if the creative advertising digital studio would give a link to their portfolio.
Looking For 2D Creative Digital Video For IT Company Offers
Edit Brief
Looking for a creative digital studio to make six 1:30-2:00 minutes long videos that can describe 6 main full-services which our IT company offers. These creative advertising digital video by creative digital advertising studio will be posted on our new website. Looking for 2D creative digital video but not locked to that specific company. The video should effectively communicate and promote all the benefits and advantages of our services and increase sales.
Creative Social Media Digital Ad To Be Used On Social Media
Edit Brief
Need a simple short animation for an ad to be used on social media, facebook, twitter, and Instagram. We just need a creative digital studio to produce a creative advertising digitally. A sample of the Ad will send you in next communication, can be produced to our requirements. Try to do your best innovations. If the creative digital advertising studio needs to understand more about what we are trying to promote, contact us.
Need Online Creative Animation For A Clothing Line Video
Edit Brief
We need an animated design for a clothing line. Not a caricature but a serious animation video in 2D motion graphics style. When you will finalize to work with us we will attach a file of a picture of the character. We need an online creative animation which is not too detailed. Kindly submit an overview of your business.
Creative Advertising Digital Studio Needed For Ad Video
Edit Brief
We need some creative animated explainer digital videos. We need a digital advertising on the energy and smart cities technologies to explain its importance and all related features in a simple way (like handwriting movies some photos that we will provide), it should be 5 minutes. Creative advertising digital studio should quote only after reading all requirements.
Digital Content Creative Creation Of Wearing Specific Clothing
Edit Brief
We need a creative digital advertising studio to create women character animation video that wearing dresses with certain cuts. No texture needed all white. This is a test project. With the right fit, we will need much more online creative animation video need to be done. The dress only has left & right panels top, skirt and two sleeves. So, nothing complicated. All white, so no complicated textures. No prior work to show will not be considered to save us both time. To be considered for these series of projects, kindly attach your creative digital advertising studio best sample to your submission.
Need 3D Advertising Production For Creating Our Company’s Video
Edit Brief
We need a creative digital advertising studio of the following scene: a knight in armor runs toward a fearsome dragon and the dragon rears-up and begins to flood the screen with red-hot flames. In the background, if there is room stands a magnificent castle that the knight and rock-giant are protecting from the dragon, may be near or far. Graphics should be a sharp and highly detailed 3D rendering. Images must be unique creations and not borrowed. If any creative digital advertising studio is interested to work on this project then kindly contact us with creative digital advertising studio’s portfolio.
Need Digital Creative Design Of The E-Greetings Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a digital advertising studio that is having professionals, can do a light animation of the greeting cards we will provide in next conversation to the digital advertising studio. The professional creative animation should be based on the adding new graphics. The length of the animation video should be from 30 to 70 seconds and should be really easy and fast to do.
Creative Digital Animation For An Introduction
Edit Brief
We are trying out different and creative digital studio to create an animation for an instructional educational video. The current animation video we have is a person speaking directly into the camera with a white background. We want another video. We are looking for a creative digital studio to create a video that we can use as an introduction to the “talking head” videos where someone is speaking directly to the camera. Basically, the creative digital studio will be a stylized introduction to give the feeling that the viewer is going through some sort of discreet, high -tech connection before viewing the person talking in the next animated video.
Custom Creative Animation For Our Clients Requirement
Edit Brief
We are looking for several Digital Creative Makers that can help us with many 3D advertising production projects as per our client’s requirement. Creative digital advertising studio must have the hands-on creation of 2D, 3D animations, creative visual effects, motion graphics etc., The interested creative advertising studio will be reporting to our animation heads and they will assign you to work what we exactly need. All we need from creative digital advertising studio is to work and deliver on-time. Payment will be done on per project basis.
Creative Advertising Studio Needed For Bitcoin Animation Video
Edit Brief
We are an Atlanta based Bitcoin company looking for the right digital advertising studio that helps us to create video content. You will need to read a script in our next conversation and for several articles on our site’s blog in a clear and presentable manner. And produce a creative digital animation for us as our requirements. The creative advertising studio has an example of previous work in their portfolio which you are going to share with us. Having a social media following is a plus but not required.
Creative Digital Studio Need To Create Explainer Video
Edit Brief
We need your digital advertising studio to create an animated explainer video. Theme: how cryptocurrency mining is done. We need creative studio digital animation video very much like this one. You need to be good at making online creative animation videos, and understanding the blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies in general.
Searching For Whiteboard Animation Video To Create Company Video
Edit Brief
We are searching for a creative digital studio that can do a 2 minutes whiteboard video. This creative digital animation will include a voice script and so on in American dialect. Need to be completed early. Try to do your best. We are open to everyone’s input on this. Kindly also let us know if there are any questions regarding this project.
Professional Creative Animation For Trade Show Marketing
Edit Brief
We are a tax incentive consulting firm and will be exhibiting at a tradeshow for architectural businesses (AIA conference for architecture 2018). We need a digital advertising studio (approximately 3 minutes) that produces animated video will include case studies and testimonials. It needs to be professional, concise, and aesthetically appealing (consider the market!). If any digital advertising studio is interested please contact us.
Creative Digital Advertising For Our Company/Products
Edit Brief
We need a creative production studio for presenting business/company. The script needs to be created also. Every creative studio digital animation will be up to 2 minutes. For budget and because we will require a lot of animation we can pay more for every animation. First creative digital advertising video will be a short test video presentation. If we like it we can be done all the videos. Kindly bid only if you want to do that.
Create A Short Digital Creative Design Animation
Edit Brief
Seeking a digital advertising studio to create a short animation for a company presentation video. After your confirmation, we will share video, audio, and storyboards for a 1.00 Min to do our creative digital advertising. We are looking for a digital advertising studio that is familiar or has the same creative style/animation skills.
Create A Professional Creative Animation Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a short 1.5 To 2 minutes professional creative animation video. Style to be animated yet professional and not too cartoonish. Clean & simple but well executed with nice transitions and good clear message. We have already created the schematics and storyboard for the video and exactly what we’re looking for at every step. If the digital advertising studio is interested and knows how can execute this job well, get in touch with us if the digital advertising studio is interested.
A Creative Studio Digital Animation Needed Real Estate
Edit Brief
We are preparing a presentation to attract support for a marina housing development. We have cad drawings of the site and inclusions but want to present an animation of the finished project to make it easier for people to visualize What we need is a short 1.5 To 2-minute animation of a project we are trying to get government support for. Can you create 2 minutes 2D creative digital video from our 2D drawings and pictures that we can supply you one is a pdf version of a powerpoint presentation explaining the project, the other are marked up drawings of some detail so the creative advertising studio can understand what we want?
Creative Studio Digital Animation Video Needed For Explaining Company
Edit Brief
We are looking for a very creative studio digital animation presentation to explain about our smart food safety management solution. We will send you the important things to be mentioned and you have to come up with a beautiful script + voiceover, the custom creative animation should be professionally done and the video should explain easily our solution to the client. Kindly send us your digital advertising studio’s existing work by pm so we can see them. Thank you.
Online Creative Animation For Company And Products
Edit Brief
We need a digital advertising studio for digital creative design video will use in the homepage in our website name Home Global KSA A manufacturer of window covering system and folding door (e.g. roller blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds and leather folding door). A short introduction of a newly open company a short animation of the prestige product available which shows the operation of opening and closing it can be animated or a video. Duration will be minimum of 1 minute and the maximum of 2:30 minutes. The best creative digital advertising studio is highly needed to do this work for us.
Digital Creative Maker For Online Creative Animation
Edit Brief
Create twenty-two (22) whiteboard explainer videos based on the ready-made scripts. Each Digital Creative Design video will be around 30 seconds long. They will not include narration but must have music in the background. The text must be animated as well as the images where indicated in the script. To be considered for these series of projects, kindly attach your creative advertising studio best sample to your submission.
Digital Creative Maker To Explain A Game’s Concept In Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for creative digital advertising studio to 90 to 120-seconds digital creative creation that explaining the concept of our portal consisting of a game and an academy. The video’s graphics will be simple and animated and provided by you. At the end of the project you will deliver: – Final video – Graphic and animation assets We expect a project delivery in about 10 days. Once we have received your creative digital advertising studio’s proposal we will be able to share script and voice over and further details.
Create A Short Creative App Digital Video For An App Video
Edit Brief
We need a short creative app digital video (around 20 seconds) for our new app. You should use cliparts and English texts. Online creative animation should contain a promotion of our app, more information regarding the project will be sent after screening. We trying out different creative advertising studio to produce the most realistic animated video for us.
Need To Create An Animation Video For Online Promotion
Edit Brief
Require animated video for online courses. Create some sample online creative animation videos, and if your creative digital advertising studio taste will be up to the mark, you will get the project. The required animation has to be a promotional video, for online courses. We are launching online courses and want to promote it before launching. For the sample, you can create any such relevant video with a good script. For example – suppose the courses we will provide are – web development courses, android development courses, java course, iOS development course, etc. So come up with good ideas and present it in the same way.
Need Creative Advertising Studio For Commercial Digital Video
Edit Brief
We are looking for a 60 second commercial creative digital advertising video for our products to put on our website. We envision a commercial that will highlight our products, what we do, etc. The commercial could be animated or it could use stock videos with voice-overs or we could create videos of ourselves (with guidance from you) and have you put it together.
Digital Creative Maker For Whiteboard Video
Edit Brief
We need Digital Creative Maker to produce some Digital Creative Design videos, that is having the only character is important he should be in wearing formal clothing. Should be casual for a manager – jeans or casual trousers and open neck t-shirt similarly all staff – could even have the odd one or two in shorts and t-shirts, rest animations can be normal whiteboard no such detailing required. Video duration is 1.15 Min. After doing this we will provide you all our further project but it depends on your creative digital studio’s best samples of the submitted portfolio.
Digital Creative Creation Needed For American Dialect
Edit Brief
We are looking for a creative digital advertising studio that can do a 2 minutes whiteboard video. This video will include a voice script and so on in American dialect. If you need to understand more about what we are trying to create, contact us. We will provide you all our further project but it depends on the creative digital advertising studio’s best samples of the submitted portfolio.
Custom Creative Animation Needed In Whiteboard Video
Edit Brief
We want a digital advertising studio to design an interactive whiteboard video with U.S.A voiceover for WordPress security course. We will post that custom creative animation video on social media so that people watch it and then sign up for our free WordPress website security course. We are looking for the best affordable price as the client is not willing to invest much in it.We are also willing to pay a bit higher price to the creative digital studio.
Looking Creative Animation Studio For A Social Media Advert
Edit Brief
We need to produce an animated graphic online creative animation for a 15-second FB/Instagram paid campaign. We have an example we want to replicate, which we have attached It will be a 15-second advert and a few versions might be required. If this project goes well then there is a big opportunity for long-term work. Kindly let us know if the creative digital studio is something can work on So we know you have read the full project description kindly ad “video 123” at the top of the bid!
Creative Animation Studio Needed For Whiteboard Illustrations
Edit Brief
Need to have a very short 1-minute whiteboard hand illustration Digital Creative Design video. We will provide the audio behind the motions and drawing. But need the hand to draw the actions. Looking for creative advertising studio that would be interested in throwing their own artistic approach to this project!
Creative App Digital Video Intro For Our Website
Edit Brief
We have a script from codecanyon and will set up a food order website, we need a good professional creative animation video, if you have done such work before, you can edit it an work can be done shortly. Need good short explainer, the script has 3 application too, it’s carinderia restaurant script. If anyone watches the video, they should simply understand the need for a website. We can explain the aim of the site an aim of apps and how all apps work with synchronizing each other. You can add effects and music, voice over we do it. Thanks.
Digital Creative Maker Needed For 2D Animation
Edit Brief
North Star is an up and coming diverse business. That specializes in making games, music, clothing and etc. The founders are two young adults called Latyr Faye and Hamed Haroun. Northstar is a small company that is currently working/ developing a project called devil’s advocate which they plan to release in the year early 2019. They are looking for a creative advertising studio with experience in animations and commercial Digital Creative Design production.
Creative Digital Animation For Our YouTube Channel
Edit Brief
We need a creative digital advertising intro for our youtube channel. The animation should contain us and our brother in cartoon format riding on motorcycles coming together and fist bump. The video should be of professional quality and our motive is to play this intro before every video we upload. So resolution should be maximum for any format use.
Kids Learning Digital Creative Creation Needed
Edit Brief
Hello, We need a 2D creative digital studio to start our project. There will be 40-50 animated videos for kids which will be in different categories. – learning numbers – learning letters – learning figures – learning colors – learning fruits – learning vehicles and etc. We need creative animation studio to make all 2D creative digital videos. All voice-overs and content will be provided by us. Animated videos will be in 3 languages. Thanks
Need A Digital Creative Creation Of Good Skills Video
Edit Brief
Need to hire a creative digital studio to make 90 sec animation. Must be good video and have good skills. We want 5 creative digital advertising videos, 90 sec each. If any creative animation studio is interested to work on this project then kindly contact us with your creative digital studio’s portfolio.
2 Inspiring Digital Content Creative Creation Needed
Edit Brief
Need 2 inspiring creative digital advertising video of about 60 -120 seconds for 2 skincare product ranges. The videos need to connect people’s emotions with our products. 1. Natrapower video The first animated video is a barrier cream brand called natrapower, made in Australia. This natural based cream prevents chemicals, dirt, greasepaint, and lots of other grime from sticking to your skin, and as well it protects the skin and helps it heal. The video should be called natrapower. 2. Natralus video This Digital Creative Creation is about connecting with ordinary people and carrying that theme into our natural skincare range. Our skincare products are highly effective, luxury quality products for exceptional everyday ordinary people. It should have lots of scenes of everyday people doing things with their hands, with an emphasis on women. Suggestions like washing, cleaning, food preparation, packing, caring for others eg baby/child/elderly, drawing and designing, delivering a parcel, working in the garden, carrying bags, nursing duties, etc.
Creative Animated Explainer Digital To Present Our Concept
Edit Brief
Needs Digital Content Creative Creation to present our activities concept through an original and captivate story. – A short (1 min max) dynamic animation – The video must motivate people to have a more active life, explain the benefit of having a better life and the advantages of the app – Local is a strong point of our concept. (Activities and partners all around Lausanne and Geneva, make new friends with same interest, community, and sharing) – Create an original story not only present the offer – Somewhere in the creative animated explainer digital video a parallel with before and after – Use strong baselines or questions in typography and answer it – Discover original activities in all domains (sport, creative, personal development, cooking, art, music, cinema….) – All in inclusive in only one app.
Need Few Creative Studio Digital Animation Of Birds/Horse
Edit Brief
We have properly rigged models available that the creative production studio would use to make a few animation videos (namely eagle catching a bird in mid-air, horse rider etc.) Need to use these creative brand animation in unity/unreal game engine in a game. The purpose of these advertising videos is to give bite-sized pieces of information such as our company overview, services, product demo and brand advertising, ultimately to attract and capture new leads.
Need To Create 2D/3D Creative Brand Animation For Voice Over Video
Edit Brief
– We will be providing the script along with the voiceover. We only need the motion graphics animation from your end (concept/design/illustration/animation) no need for music – The style will be a mix of 3D animation and 2D motion graphics elements. – We will be providing a script breakdown with some key visuals – and storyboard with words – Before animation, we need a few style frames of certain key moments – we will provide art direction. – Motion design for a 3-4 minute creative brand animation project. – Delivery of files and source after finishing. 2D creative digital video resolution 1080p 25fps. – Science, technology, energy solar, wind, water, future, middle east, Arab, – Colors: orange, white is the brand colors. – Will be in English and Arabic, vo will be the same length. Arabic will be provided in vector files. -We will be assisting in art direction and add futuristic design elements, we have the script and will share if you are shortlisted – it is wordy and corporate, but we hope we can make it visually entertaining and tell a simple story using slick animation and strong visually interesting images. Time: We have around 21 days to deliver.
2D Creative Digital Video In The Nintendo 8 Bits Style
Edit Brief
We are looking for an animated video for a small project. We are looking for a creative digital studio that can make 2D creative digital videos in the Nintendo 8 bits style or other 2D styles! We need to make an animated video under 1 minute. The video needs to be smooth like the Nintendo 8 bits system in 4k resolution. Cheers!
Creative Social Media Digital Videos Of Food Marketing
Edit Brief
We are looking for Creative Animation Studio that can create high-quality videos of food that will be used for marketing. These creative advertising digital videos will be shared on social media and should come in formats for Facebook, and Twitter. Bright, fun colors and styling geared towards a millennial audience preferred. We will provide the food and studio space. Los Angeles area applicants only as you need to be present for filming. To be considered for these series of projects, kindly attach your best sample to your submission.
Creative Brand Animation Video To Be Done For Brand Animation
Edit Brief
We mainly search for creative animation studio for creative brand animation content that will be about 4 minutes in length. We have a budget that we think is right but we will check all offers to see that available. These Creative Brand Animation videos will also be used for various online marketing campaigns and social media platforms such as youtube, facebook & Instagram. So feel free to contact us with creative digital studio’s portfolio.
Build A Creative Brand Animation For International Platform
Edit Brief
We need a 2 minutes short Creative Brand Animation video which should be professional enough to be shown on an international platform. The presentation should contain animation and high visual effects so that whole effect of Creative Brand Animation video can be seen. The digital advertising studio will be responsible to create an attractive corporate video.
Needed To Create App Digital Needed For New App Video
Edit Brief
We need a 30-seconds custom creative animation for a new app. We want several ideas for the style but we are looking for more of a text driven by images and feature screens from the app. We don’t want custom people drawn animation or characters. Below is the script. Kindly put short creative app digital video no more than 30 seconds. All artwork and logos are also attached below. Submitted video must be in mp4 format.